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The Ruff

Get Going

A Branch of When The Going Gets Ruff Animal Rescue

Dog Hiking and Dog Bathing

Hey Everyone! Natasha, founder of When The Going Gets Ruff Animal Rescue, here! I have dedicated my life to improving the lives of dogs and my mission is never complete. It started with saving dogs and finding them adoptive homes, but I know I can do even more. My next goal is to improve the lives of dogs that are already in loving homes! That's why I am offering my services to you! 

Wanna know what makes this even better? All proceeds from our services will go directly to When The Going Gets Ruff, a non-profit 501(c)3, to help us rescue and home even more deserving dogs! So you are not just paying for your dog to get love and exercise, but also saving other pups in the process! Plus your dog's service is tax deductible!